We reckon apps are useful when they’re making life easy for people. And looking at the number of people using CamerMate we think (hope!) we’re doing something right.

Our founder, Adam Hutchinson, is a good keen traveller (and outdorian) and he got yarning to travellers back in 2006 and found many had the same gripe – they had spent a lot of money getting to New Zealand but they couldn’t find things they needed like campsites and public loos. So he took off on his 50cc scooter collecting GPS coordinates from all the hard to find places in New Zealand and compiled a massive database, the basis of CamperMate.

Nine years later, when it came to Australia, Adam’s scooter wasn’t going to cut it (especially in the NT) so he got a team of campervaners to help out.

But the real creators of CamperMate are travellers – you!

Adam wanted to make an app that was easy to use, packed full of solid info, and simple to add sweet finds on the way. Over the last eight years thousands of travellers have uploaded content to the app, plus we have a heap of great businesses on there so you can discover things to do all around you. From finding amazing hikes, to grabbing a pie, to washing the sand off your feet, to reaching the best spot to rest up and see the sun come up, CamperMate can help you with it all.

We have teams in Australia and New Zealand working hard to make CamperMate as useful and easy to use as possible – and doing as much exploring as we can ourselves. In 2019 we merged with the mighty team at GoSeeAustralia and Outdoria to bring together epic content + epic bookings + epic apps.

If you have any feedback, good or bad, we’d love to hear it. Now get back out there and go exploring!

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