Camping cook-ups

I’m determined not to eat tinned baked beans for the next six months on our trip around Australia. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the odd tinned food here or there, and I’m not fussy when it comes to eating, but I do like my fresh food. Meal times pretty much dictate my day, so I need to make sure we can keep things interesting when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a fairly robust kitchen set up in our Jayco camper trailer with a grill, four hob burner inside, and a two hob gas burner and camp oven for outside. We have two fridges – the one inside our camper and a WAECO fridge for the car / outside. I figure with that set up (bearing in mind there’s only three of us), we’ll be able to cook up some pretty decent meals. So I don’t really have many excuses not to eat well. [caption id="attachment_2567" align="alignnone" width="900"]Groceries Australia Eating around Australia CamperMate[/caption] I've therefore spent the last couple of months researching great camping recipes. Not only have I found some delicious ones, but as I went through them I found that a lot of them have some common ingredients. I figure that in the more rural parts of our trip around Australia, it’s going to be tricky to buy certain ingredients. In addition, I’m guessing that when we do finally hit a supermarket on our longer drives, it’s going to be hard to get my brain into gear and dream up a list of thirty ingredients we need to cook up three meals a day for the next week. Despite CamperMate being able to help me plan this in advance with the groceries mapping feature, I’ve no doubt there’s going to be plenty of things to distract me on the long drives. After six hours of driving along the Nullarbor, I’m sure the old brain power is going to take a few hours to fire up into fully working order, and even a small grocery stop could potentially be mind boggling. So what I’ve planned is a couple of shopping lists, which each have a series of recipes attached to it. This means not only can we re-use ingredients across meals if we have limited space, but also hopefully we can save a bit of money (especially in the more expensive rural supermarkets). I’ve deliberately planned two shopping lists, so once we get bored of one we can move onto the other one the following week. My first one features a lot of beef & egg based meals and my second features more fish and chicken based meals. Of course there's plenty of fresh fruit and veg thrown in too. Another secret ingredient is a series of standard based herbs, which will hopefully help spice things up. Fresh_groceries Anyway, it’s yet to be tried and tested, so I may well still be spooning out some lonely cold baked beans from a tin, and eating plenty of vegemite on toast, but fingers crossed it will give us a bit of variation on our travels. I’m hoping there will be some fresh ingredients I can pick up along the way too, like fresh salmon from Tasmania, beautiful tropical fruits from Queensland and of course some greasy meat pies thrown in for good measure. In the meantime, I’m stocking up on some good Perth tucker before we head off in a week’s time!