Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you develop CamperMate?

CamperMate was developed to help visiting freedom campers find essential facilities near them, such as toilets and rubbish bins. It was in response to the inability for travellers to easily access location based information ‘on the go’, which was a major cause the negative impact that some aspects of freedom camping had on the environment.

How can it be free?

Because it has been created as a project of passion by a team of enthusiastic and proud Kiwis that love the outdoors and want to do something to help travellers enjoy our beautiful country.

How do I add or edit something on CamperMate?

Awesome question. Check out this page for a guide on how to contribute information.

How do I use it?

Check out this video below for a quick user guide.

What if I don’t have a smart phone?

For those that don’t have a smart phone, we have built an awesome text (SMS) system that you can use if you have a New Zealand phone number. Simply text a code, leave a space, then the town you’re in and send it to the number 4882. This costs 20 cents per text. When you’ve sent a text you’ll get 160 character reply with the physical address (i.e.120 Smith Street) of things like dumpstations, hostels, wifi, information centres, paid campsites, Department of Conservation Visitor Centres, petrol stations and supermarkets. Click here a more detailed guide.

How do I download it?

Get the app on iTunes or Google Play.

Can I use it on a tablet?

Yes you can. The user experience is a bit better on the iPad, but if you have an Android tablet you’ll be fine.

Do I need internet to use the app?

The app works in offline mode also, so you don’t need data to use it. What we would recommend though is when you’re connected to Wifi before coming to New Zealand, try zooming into the map, this way you’ll be saving the map data and it’ll make the experience much better, no stress if you don’t though.

How can I get in touch?

We’ll do our best to get in touch as quick as possible. Send us an email to or if you like, catch us over Twitter or Facebook.

I want to go off the beaten track while in New Zealand, can you help?

CamperMate will help you with your travels, but if you want some more tips and resources you should check out